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Author Topic: 1980 Formula Turbo restoration question  (Read 282 times)

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1980 Formula Turbo restoration question
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:53:34 AM »
    My name is bill and this is my first F body full blown restoration. I do have 1 G body Grand National Frame off resto under my belt. But this is a whole different animal. Now the floorboards are near mint from the front all the way to the trunk. The only rust issue is my drivers side rear quarter and itís bad. Itís really bad (like unsafe to drive bad).
    I was able to purchase both sides full quarter panels (not skin) from the bottom to where it meets the roof seem. They are not NOS but they are really great quality and weíre on sale at half price. Long story short They have been sitting in my living room for the past few weeks because I have been really busy with the front end between sandblasting the sub frame and freshening up the engine and getting everything ready for rust proof treatment and paint. Iím working front to back so I still have plenty of time before I tackle these rear quarters.
Basically I would like to know the best way to:

-completely cut out the rear quarters from the door jams to the rear bumper. I want it completely gone and replaced.
-blast the hell out of my wheel well and that little slot where the quarters meet the trunk floorboards (where I hear people sometimes find valuable things that fall into from the trunk). I want to blast and coat that entire area.

Any info on a cutting pattern or a strategy on where to start cutting would be awesome. I was gunna start cutting out a small section and just keep expanding the area till I get it all cut out. But I never cut out door jams yet and I just want to make sure I donít screw anything up. I own a great MiG with gas so I think I can get the new one on without any issues. But all input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading


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Re: 1980 Formula Turbo restoration question
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2017, 12:13:15 AM »
I would suggest posting your question on our National Firebird and Trans Am Club Facebook group page at
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