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Author Topic: Meet the New Members!  (Read 926 times)

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Meet the New Members!
« on: December 13, 2016, 11:35:51 AM »
This topic highlights some of the new members that have joined the club recently and is the same list that appears in the latest Eagle club magazine. Welcome to the Club!

Recent members names may appear later.

Allan Wehner, Jackson, New Jersey
Allan has a ‘71 white Trans Am and an ‘81 black turbo Trans Am.

Larry Lane, Glennie, Michigan

Peter Peller, Port Jefferson, New York
Peter has a 2000 black WS-6 Trans Am and an ‘81 brown Trans Am.

John Kelsey, Camdenton, Missouri

Les Jarvis, Tucson, Arizona

Derrick Hottenstine, Hortonville, Wisconsin
Derrick has a ‘79 black Trans Am, an ‘89 red Formula and a ‘99 black Trans Am and is a former member.

Fil Ferrauto, Somers, Connecticut

Ken Handley, Meadow Vista, California

Fil has an ‘80 blue Turbo Trans Am and a ‘94 white/blue 25th anniversary Trans Am.

Dave Pekosh, West Chicago, Illinois
Dave has a ‘74 buccaneer red Trans Am.

Tank Edwards, Southbridge, MA
He has a ‘67 Firebird convertible.

James Roeder, Dubuque, Iowa
He has a 70 Trans Am 4-speed, a ‘93 Trans Am,  an ‘89  Formula  350 , a ‘74 Formula 350, and a ‘78  Trans Am.

Stephan Kendall, Wahnapitae, Ontario, Canada - Stephan has a ‘71 red Trans Am.

Jamie Bradley, Arden, North Carolina

Don Scalise, Sacramento, California
Don has an ‘84 black/gold Trans Am.

Robin Shaw, Creve Coeur, Illinois

Ronald Rhodes Jr., Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Chad Hollis, West Monroe, Louisiana
Chad has a ‘78 black Trans Am and a ‘78 Martinique blue Trans Am.

Travis Stenberg, Goodlettsville, Tennessee
He has a gold‘78 Trans Am Y88 SE.

Charles Burke, Berea, Ohio
Charles has a ‘79 Nocturne blue Trans Am and a ‘98 Sebring silver Trans Am WS-6.

Ian Grace, Vaucluse, NSW, Australia
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