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Author Topic: Meet the New Members!  (Read 1385 times)

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Meet the New Members!
« on: June 18, 2015, 04:26:51 PM »
This topic highlights some of the new members that have joined the club recently and is the same list that appears in the latest Eagle club magazine. Welcome to the Club!

Recent members names may appear later.

William Cobb, Belleville, Illinois
He has a 97 red Trans Am.

Marty L Browning Jr., Mount Lookout, WV
Marty has a 96 red Trans Am.

Ron Van Zytveld, Hudsonville, Michigan
Ron has a 2002 starburst metallic orange Trans Am WS-6.

Mike Friddle, Livermore, California

Thomas Germaine, Pearland, Texas
Thomas has a white/blue 80 Firebird Formula.

Jeff & Misty Weir, Plano, Illinois
They have a 2001 navy blue metallic Trans Am and a '94 medium patriot red metallic Trans Am GT.

Shaun Maloney, Corry, Pennsylvania

Doug & Brenda McIntosh, Lewiston, Idaho
They have a 79 black Trans Am.

Brad Sobel, Los Angeles, California

Robert B. Hamm, Stoneham, MA

Stan & Delphine Rakowski, Kalamazoo, MI
They have an 80 yellow Esprit coupe with snow flake wheels, tilt wheel, spoiler, A/C and much more!

Bill Sabarese, Greenacres, Florida
Bill has a 94 white Trans Am 25th anniversary convertible.

Grant Warner, Seattle, Washington

Jose Luis Gonzales Rosales, Miami, Florida
Jose Luis has a 79 silver Trans Am.

Mark Wade, Lombard, Illinois
Mark has a 99 black Trans Am.

Daniel Haas, Somerset, Pennsylvania
Daniel has a 75 black Trans Am 400 and a 79 black and gold turbo Trans Am.

James Jenkins, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Robb Lepak, Watertown, Wisconsin
Robb has a 79 silver 10th anniversary T/A.

Ron P. Neizke, Joliet, Illinois
Ron has a 69 green Firebird coupe and a silver 67 Firebird convertible.

Cleveland Bowling, Centennial, Colorado
Cleveland has a 78 white Trans Am.

Timothy Bacon, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Timothy has a 67 maroon Firebird.

Bob Weinschenk, Dubuque, Iowa
Bob has a 75 white Trans Am.

Lisa Keys, Quarryville, Pennsylvania
She has a 2002 navy blue Trans Am.

James D. Becker, Sharon Springs, NY
James has a 76 Firethorn red Formula and an 86 white Trans Am.

Brad Novak, Brookfield, Illinois
Brad has a 78 black Trans Am.

Carol Saracinskas, Fredonia, PA
Carol has a 2000 WS6 for sale in the classifieds.

Brad Novak, Brookfield, Illinois
Brad has a 78 black Trans Am.

Vikki Leary, Dousman, Wisconsin
Vikki has an 81 sapphire blue metallic.

Ric Nessalge, Denair, California
He has an 84 white anniversary edition Trans Am.

Michael S. Mochocki, Harwood Heights, IL
Michael has a 95 black Trans Am.

Curtis Granderson & Glenda, Fresno, CA
They have a 76 black Trans Am.

Matt Overgaard, Fargo, North Dakota
Matt has a 2002 blue Trans Am.

Brittaney Clapp, Gillette, Wyoming
Brittaney has a 2002 black Firebird.

Steve Buhala, Cortland, Ohio
Steve has a 79 starlight blue Trans Am.
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