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Author Topic: Meet the New Members!  (Read 1671 times)

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Meet the New Members!
« on: December 17, 2014, 11:50:44 PM »
This topic highlights some of the new members that have joined the club recently and is the same list that appears in the latest Eagle club magazine. Welcome to the Club!

Recent members names may appear later.

Michael Salvi, Belmont, Massachusetts
Michael has a 69 green Firebird and a 98 black Trans Am.

Jim Reid, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Scott Prestel, Boise, Idaho
Scott has a 79 black Trans Am and a 79 gold Trans Am.

Rosendo Velazquez, Henderson, Nevada

Ricky Folse, Houma, Louisiana
Ricky has a 79 blue Trans Am.

Steven Kushner, Cincinnati, Ohio
Steven has a 70 silver Firebird Formula 400.

Eric Thomason, St. Claire Shores, MI
He has an 84 red Firebird S.E.

John G. Dunlap, Wyoming, Michigan

Pete Smitsdorff, Franklin, Wisconsin
Pete has a 69 Firebird 350 blue convertible.

Ron Kreer, Chicago, Illinois
He has an 82 white Trans Am.

Dennis Potter, Gilman, Wisconsin
Dennis has an 81 blue Trans Am coupe.

Thomas Freeman, Kershaw, SC

Jim Tarka, Highland, Indiana
Brother Tim passed away and he is now the owner of the 76 black Formula.  Sorry for you loss and enjoy the car!

Michael Long, Stanford, Illinois
Michael has a 77 black Trans Am.

Art Whalen, Northern Cambria, PA
Art has a 76 Trans Am and a 79 gold Trans Am.

Brian Barton, Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
Brian has a 90 black Formula 350.

Michael Riethmeier, Macedon, New York
Michael has a 98 blue-green chameleon Trans  Am.

Forest Holt, Amarillo, Texas
Forest has a 78 white Trans Am and a 79 solar gold Trans Am.

Michael Landis, Dayton, Ohio
He has a 2001 white Trans Am.

Donna Loebler, Leeds, Alabama
Donna has a 78 maroon Esprit.

Andy Sykes, Liberty, North Carolina
The membership is a gift from his daughter, Courtney.
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